Titanium Limited

In the UK, we have:

(common land line numbers), such as 0121(Birmingham). We have the thousands of numbers so if you are looking for a golden number for your office or a secondary number, we can provide you with one.

The person calling pays nothing, numbers such as 0800 or 0808.

Low cost
0844 and 0845 which go from 1p to 5p

0870, 0871. On these ones, we can pay you!

Personal Numbers:
070 , perfect for advertising and not disclosing your personnel mobile number

Welcome to uknumberstore.co.uk We are a UK based telecommunications company who with a wealth of experience in the market of national and international calls and have millions of numbers available on a multitude of tariffs.

We've got a number for you! Our network is formed of state-of-the-art high-end servers, that provide not only fast call-handling but also very high reliability and peace of mind (ours, and especially yours!). Our call stats system, provides fast, accurate and reliable information about everything that is going on with your traffic. Unlike with other telecoms operators, the numbers we provide you with are the ones we will pay (or bill) on, in other words; what you see is what you get! We can work on a variety of technologies, including PSTN (Digital lines), VoIP (Voice over IP) and have servers capable of converting between the two of them and delivering calls anywhere in the world. We are passionate about customer service. We look after our customers far and beyond their expectations, and we like to deal with them personally. As a consequence, our team is formed by fully dedicated and committed professionals with years of experience on IT. Please ring us and we will be delighted to take your call!

Over 1 Million numbers available. We have many numbers available in the UK and internationally which we can deliver anywhere in the world to your equipment via VoIP or regular lines (PSTN).
Our online and dial-in call management system is provided FREE to every customer.