UK Number Store Limited

UK Telephone Numbers Available

These numbers provide a way to charge for services that can be delivered through the phone. How much will depend on the tariff selected. The list below contains a breakdown of the number ranges and the price points we currently have available in the UK.
Please Note : Rates in black are Pence Per Call, cost to caller is calculated from a bt landline and costs from other networks may vary.
Number RangeNumber TypeBT Price BandCost To Caller
08000067Freephonefreephone£0.00 ppm
0808193Freephonefreephone£0.00 ppm
0121617Operator Nationalncfa£0.08 ppm
0702944Operator PNS pn2pn2d£0.50 ppm
070690Operator PNS pn7pn7£0.50 ppc
070967Operator PNS pn2pn2£0.50 ppm
074064Operator Wififw9£0.02 ppm
076444Operator Pagingff10£0.25 ppc
078730Operator Wififw1£0.02 ppm
08434685p Operator 0843 NTS Callsg24£0.05 ppc
08447084p Operator 0844 NTS Callsg11£0.04 ppm
08448342p Operator 0844 NTS Callsg9£0.02 ppm
08448415p Operator 0844 NTS Callsg6£0.05 ppm
08448641p Operator 0844 NTS Callsg8£0.01 ppm
08449823p Operator 0844 NTS Callsg10£0.03 ppm
0845361Operator LCFAlcfa£0.04 ppm
0870929Operator Nationalncfa£0.08 ppm
08713539p Operator 0871 NTS Callsg15£0.09 ppm
08714507p Operator 0871 NTS Callsg13£0.07 ppm
08715196p Operator 0871 NTS Callsg12£0.06 ppm
08715455p Operator 0871 NTS Callsg6£0.05 ppm
08715578p Operator 0871 NTS Callsg14£0.08 ppm
087157710p Operator 0871 NTS Callsg7£0.10 ppm
087169610p Operator 0871 NTS Callsff28£0.10 ppc
087241110p Operator 0872 NTS Callsg25£0.10 ppc
0901186Operator PRSff2£0.50 ppc
0901259Operator PRSp27£0.05 ppm
0901348Operator PRSp6£0.25 ppm
0901368Operator PRSff13£1.00 ppc
0901373Operator PRSff14£0.90 ppc
0901427Operator PRSmm2£0.25 ppc
0901431Operator PRSmm1£0.15 ppc
0901519Operator PRSff17£0.20 ppc
0901578Operator PRSp13£0.20 ppm
0901585Operator PRSff12£0.75 ppc
0901596Operator PRSp4£0.50 ppm
0901613Operator PRSff18£0.35 ppc
0901637Operator PRSff19£0.40 ppc
0901675Operator PRSff6£0.30 ppc
0901693Operator PRSff20£0.45 ppc
0901715Operator PRSp9£0.10 ppm
0901728Operator PRSp10£0.35 ppm
0901738Operator PRSff11£0.60 ppc
0901824Operator PRSff0£0.10 ppc
0901937Operator PRSp5£0.50 ppm
0901969Operator PRSp12£0.15 ppm
0901993Operator PRSp14£0.30 ppm
0902130Operator PRSff2£0.50 ppc
0902146Operator PRSff11£0.60 ppc
0902186Operator PRSp34£0.60 ppc
0902192Operator PRSp35£0.50 ppc
0903903Operator PRSp43£1.50 ppc
0903907Operator PRSff25£1.20 ppc
0903911Operator PRSff26£1.25 ppc
0903915Operator PRSff27£1.30 ppc
0904000Operator PRSp16£0.45 ppm
0904114Operator PRSp21£0.85 ppm
0904224Operator PRSp22£0.90 ppm
0904242Operator PRSp25£1.20 ppm
0904848Operator PRSp13£0.20 ppm
0904949Operator PRSp27£0.05 ppm
0905405Operator PRSp7£0.60 ppm
0905416Operator PRSp9£0.10 ppm
0905427Operator PRSp5£0.50 ppm
0905467Operator PRSp10£0.35 ppm
0905479Operator PRSp6£0.25 ppm
0905496Operator PRSp3£1.00 ppm
0905536Operator PRSp4£0.50 ppm
0905551Operator PRSp24£1.10 ppm
0905571Operator PRSg3£0.12 ppc
0905704Operator PRSp26£1.40 ppm
0905716Operator PRSp14£0.30 ppm
0905737Operator PRSp11£1.30 ppm
0905741Operator PRSp15£0.40 ppm
0905753Operator PRSp23£0.95 ppm
0905761Operator PRSp19£0.70 ppm
0905772Operator PRSp12£0.15 ppm
0905787Operator PRSp20£0.80 ppm
0905800Operator PRSp0£1.50 ppm
0905810Operator PRSp8£0.75 ppm
0905829Operator PRSp18£0.65 ppm
0905883Operator PRSp17£0.55 ppm
0907008Operator PRSp0£1.50 ppm
0907032Operator PRSp3£1.00 ppm
0907042Operator PRSp6£0.25 ppm
0907086Operator PRSp4£0.50 ppm
0907167Operator PRSp24£1.10 ppm
0907200Operator PRSp25£1.20 ppm
0907227Operator PRSff13£1.00 ppc
0907405Operator PRSp5£0.50 ppm
0907435Operator PRSp23£0.95 ppm
0907442Operator PRSp11£1.30 ppm
0907557Operator PRSp22£0.90 ppm
0907771Operator PRSp10£0.35 ppm
0908013Operator PRSp3£1.00 ppm
0908022Operator PRSff13£1.00 ppc
0908031Operator PRSp12£0.15 ppm
0908081Operator PRSp0£1.50 ppm
0908091Operator PRSp15£0.40 ppm
0908180Operator PRSff14£0.90 ppc
0908680Operator PRSp20£0.80 ppm
0908980Operator PRSp19£0.70 ppm
0909117Operator PRSp5£0.50 ppm
0909236Operator PRSp1£0.50 ppm
0909259Operator PRSff6£0.30 ppc
0909265Operator PRSp14£0.30 ppm
0909284Operator PRSff1£0.25 ppc
0909476Operator PRSff12£0.75 ppc
0909497Operator PRSp4£0.50 ppm
0909565Operator PRSp24£1.10 ppm
0909571Operator PRSff11£0.60 ppc
0909608Operator PRSp7£0.60 ppm
0909626Operator PRSp13£0.20 ppm
0909683Operator PRSp18£0.65 ppm
0909702Operator PRSff0£0.10 ppc
0909714Operator PRSp21£0.85 ppm
0909729Operator PRSp8£0.75 ppm
0909731Operator PRSp22£0.90 ppm
0909748Operator PRSp10£0.35 ppm
0909806Operator PRSp11£1.30 ppm
0909836Operator PRSp28£1.00 ppm
0911003Operator PRSp22£0.90 ppm
0911012Operator PRSp20£0.80 ppm
0911061Operator PRSp19£0.70 ppm
0911078Operator PRSp9£0.10 ppm
0911296Operator PRSp8£0.75 ppm
0911302Operator PRSff2£0.50 ppc
0911316Operator PRSp6£0.25 ppm
0911327Operator PRSp5£0.50 ppm
0911357Operator PRSp10£0.35 ppm
0911392Operator PRSp13£0.20 ppm
0911406Operator PRSff13£1.00 ppc
0911411Operator PRSn£0.15 ppm
0911445Operator PRSp0£1.50 ppm
0911473Operator PRSp3£1.00 ppm
0911621Operator PRSg3£0.12 ppc
0911661Operator PRSp15£0.40 ppm
0911881Operator PRSp25£1.20 ppm
0911920Operator PRSp31£0.13 ppm
0911930Operator PRSp14£0.30 ppm
0911948Operator PRSp4£0.50 ppm
0911951Operator PRSp29£0.28 ppm
0911963Operator PRSp16£0.45 ppm
0911970Operator PRSg1£0.06 ppm
0911989Operator PRSp27£0.05 ppm
0911990Operator PRSp32£0.18 ppm
0983716Operator PRSp43£1.50 ppc
0983949Operator PRSff25£1.20 ppc
0983952Operator PRSff26£1.25 ppc
0983956Operator PRSff27£1.30 ppc
0983960Operator PRSff21£1.50 ppc
0983964Operator PRSff13£1.00 ppc
0983968Operator PRSp44£1.00 ppc
0983972Operator PRSff2£0.50 ppc
0983974Operator PRSp35£0.50 ppc
0983976Operator PRSff11£0.60 ppc
0983978Operator PRSp34£0.60 ppc
0983980Operator PRSff12£0.75 ppc
0983982Operator PRSff24£0.80 ppc
0983984Operator PRSff32£0.85 ppc
0983986Operator PRSff14£0.90 ppc

Premium rate numbers generally begin with 09, 0871, 0872 and 0873. Please note that these ranges are regulated by PhonePayPlus and as such require the Service Providers to comply with their rules. For more information visit the PhonePayPlus site here